Alexa in Times Square, NYC



Whenever a woman I was scheduled to photograph didn't have a particular location where she wanted to pose, I immediately asked, "How about Times Square?" Everyone quickly nixed the idea, but happily, any location I mentioned after that seemed reasonable by comparison.


When it came time for my own portrait, Times Square was the place for me. In fact, I was thrilled to pose there because I was thrilled to be pregnant after three years of artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization.


I had been working on this series of pregnant nudes for several years and had been trying to conceive during most of that time. A lot of the women I photographed had gone through the same procedures and disappointments as I had, and one by one we were lucky enough to finally get pregnant.


Anyone who has gone through the infertility process knows just how impersonal and disheartening it can be. But hope springs eternal, and like so many others I subjected myself to one humiliating treatment after another. I had the pleasure of being poked by my husband (with a needle) three times a day for months on end, I got naked for every doctor who happened by, and I flung my feet into more stirrups than a rodeo star. So throwing off my coat on a chilly April dawn in the middle of Manhattan was a cinch, and seemed like a fitting end to a very long ride.