Susan at Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco



I am so happy to have these beautiful nude photographs of me while I was pregnant with Helen. I was doubly thrilled to have the photos taken outdoors in the natural light of San Francisco. The location is significant because I love the city, especially when I'm up on top of a hill looking at the bay.


I had such a great pregnancy and I felt good all along. I was definitely not the norm, with only three-and-a-half hours natural labor for a first child. I also had help from my friend Salee, who is a doula and got me off to a great start with breastfeeding and attachment parenting. Helen and I built a strong bond by staying close all the time -- I had immediate eye contact with her when she was born, breastfed her, and slept with her: I wouldn't let them shuttle her off to the nursery. Helen and I are happy and healthy and completely bonded. We are very much in love.