TIffany in Theatre Alley, Manhattan



Why in the world would any woman nine months pregnant get up in the middle of the night, head into the dark alleys of lower Manhattan, and pose nude in freezing 22-degree weather? It was in part because I felt so sexy and beautiful, and what could be more beautiful than a woman on the verge of giving birth? It was also because I wanted to capture this special time in my life. I thought it may be the only time my body might perform this miracle, and I wanted to capture how completely my mind, body, and spirit were focused on the task. It would also be the last photo taken of me as a non-mother. All other photos would feature a different me -- a mommy me.


But it also had something to do with being given the privilege of creating another person. I actually have an entry in my prayer journal stating that I would participate in this project only if God could receive the credit. I am not just different by becoming a mother, but also everyday as I devote my life to God. He shows me His love and mercy. In turn, I have the perfect example of a loving parent on which to model my relationship with my daughter. God the creator is the ultimate parent, and He has given me the privilege right alongside Him.


And finally, I wanted to capture how fearless and strong I felt about giving birth. I hoped that my child would see that love gives you the strength to endure all the discomforts of labor and delivery. I wanted her to see how proud I was to be a mommy.