Kerri at “The Awakening,” Washington DC



We arrived a little later than we wanted at this site, and so there were people milling around. A maintenance worker was within 20 feet of me during the entire shoot. He minded his business and would look up and smile every once in a while. Joggers and cyclists came by in dribs and drabs, but it was as though my naked body was an everyday sight.


Anyone who knows Washington knows this spot. "The Awakening" is a statue of a grizzly face and strong body rising out of the ground, symbolizing the rebirth of the Potomac River after decades of pollution problems. I ran from limb to limb -- the foot, the toe, the knee, the arm, the face. I leaned back in the large hand and thought of Fay Wray. I quickly lost the picture of my giant ape when a bus loaded with Japanese tourists pulled up and began walking toward us. I yelled for someone to get my dress and we scurried off laughing. I was barefoot and felt lighthearted.


Pregnancy brought out my innocence. Through it all -- the sickness, the bloating, the cramps -- I had a sense of inner joy and giddiness that came from deep down. I actually felt jolly and had the body to match. I laughed harder and more easily. I ate robustly, I filled a room, I walked with a thunder. I remember my pregnancy as a happy experience and posing naked crystallized that innocence in time.