Jess on the #6 Train, Manhattan



It was 6:00 a.m. when I finished this photo shoot. My partner, Chip, and I were walking back from the subway, holding each other to stay warm in the December chill, and a little delirious from lack of sleep. We laughed about the fact that I was completely naked under my winter coat -- the coat with a zipper that jammed several times when I was frantically trying to cover up in front of passengers on the incoming subway trains.We talked about what our child was going to think of us when he was old enough to learn that we took pictures of Mommy pregnant and naked on a New York city subway in the middle of the night!


We still think Chase is going to think we were a little crazy. But when he also hears how he and I traveled twice a day on that same train for nine months, sometimes snagging a seat, but often having to stand pressed against the other rush-hour passengers, he'll have a greater understanding of how his life and birth is tied to this enthralling city. And he'll likely find it as cool as we did that we took advantage of the opportunity to create this remarkable photograph. In the words of one of the two strangers who found himself witness to my photo session, "Only in New York!"