Deirdre and Liz in San Francisco Bay



I always knew I wanted a family, but I was never full of desire to be pregnant and give birth. However, as life moved along and my partner and I got married, we talked about children. When I saw other pregnant women, I began to hear fleeting voices in my head saying,"I want to be pregnant!"


While going through the process of getting pregnant, I also had to deal with a sense of loss. As an athlete and as a woman, I had struggled with my own self-esteem about my body. I had finally been happy with the way I looked and I realized that getting pregnant would mean giving this up, in many ways for good. My body would no longer be the same body.


Once the excitement of finding out I was pregnant faded, I struggled with my body image again. I had to keep telling those voices that I was creating a life. My body was doing incredible work to sustain and nourish a little human being. As my belly grew bigger, it became easier for me to find the joy in my size and changing body, and I was surprised to find myself eager to do the photo shoot. A little scared, yes, but I realized I had finally found joy and confidence with this body in this time of my life.


As a rower, I wanted to be on the water for this photograph, and I am very much looking forward to the day when I can get back in a boat and row with my love.