Appolonia in Eagle Rock Reservation, NJ



Since the beginning of time, women have been connected in the circle of life by sharing their birth experiences and stories. So when I was preparing for my first delivery, it was a natural process for me to interview other mothers of all ages. The comment that I heard again and again was that they could not remember all the details surrounding their children's births. I knew that I wanted a safe, comfortable, and satisfying birth and that I always wanted to be able to remember and celebrate the joy of each new life.


Hypno-birthing was my "ticket to ride" for my own delivery. I was drawn to this because it is a philosophy as well as a technique that teaches one to experience the art of birthing in a safe and sensitive environment. It is a pure approach to the birth process that makes it rewarding and stress free.


My mind and body must always be in harmony, whether I am enjoying a light breeze on my face or the hard ride of a motorcycle. Hypno-birthing allowed me to use my mind and body to create my own ultimate birth experience.