Ann, Christopher & Prisilla in Miami



I have been friends with Alexa since our salad days together in Los Angeles, when she was a struggling photographer and I was novice painter. I have posed for her many times, both naked and clothed, so I readily agreed to be part of her pregnant nude series. My husband, Christopher, hates to be left out of anything, so he didn't need any persuading. He couldn't wait to get involved.


We took the first shot in our backyard, and although it was fun, I was nervous because our next-door neighbor was in his yard potting plants. I knew he couldn't see us through the hedges, but it still unnerved me as he and Chris were chatting away about gardening while Alexa was shooting us naked.


The second shot was pretty stressful. While there was no neighbor to worry about in the Everglades, I did have to deal with a tired 11-month-old baby, a restless dog, a billion bugs, and a photographer who insisted on no direct sunlight on a very sunny day in July. While standing in the famous "River of Grass." I wondered why we didn't bring the mosquito repellent! We finally scrambled into position when a wisp of cloud blocked the sun just long enough for Alexa to get the shot.


As an artist, I have always been very careful to document my work. It occurs to me that having Alexa photograph my pregnancies has been an extension of that need to document. Christopher and I now have these images that will forever remind us of both the joy and the pain surrounding the most important event of our shared lives: the births of our two children, Henry and Grace.