• "Whether you’re an exhibitionist yourself or simply admire the uninhibited, you will appreciate RIPE, a collection of photos by Alexa Garbarino.  This glossy, coffee-table-size book features pictures of nude pregnant women in setting that range from a field of grass to a subway car.  Reflections by the subject accompany each photo." –FIT Pregnancy


  • "Moms-to-be: If you want to feel great about your burgeoning belly, check out Alexa Garbarino's RIPE, a fine art book of sensuous, joyful, black-and-white photographs that celebrate the beauty of the pregnant nude." –Mothering Magazine






  • "Lush, gorgeous, stunning in every sense of the word, Alexa Garbarino's brilliant photographs pull back the veil on pregnancy, revealing its full beauty and power. The images and stories in RIPE should be required viewing and reading for every woman and every man, too. You will never see the pregnant body in the same way again." –Pamela Redmond Satran, New York Times bestselling author of The Baby Name Bible and Babes in Captivity